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Why Open an Islamic Bank?

Billion of Dollars are Sitting Idle in the Current Accounts:
There are billions of dollars lying idle in the current account or in other modes. These dollars can be brought into the main stream by Islamic banking and Islamic financial products.

Reach 70% of the Untapped Market:

According to our estimates, current banking has only reached only 30% of the potential clients in the Islamic world. Consequently, 70% of clients needs are not being addressed. Due to the culture and unique value, most people do not go to bank until the point when they feel they do not have any choice at all.

Reach to the grass-roots level:

There is a latent demand from billions of customers for Islamic products, which they can relay on without compromising their values and belief. In other words banking has not reached to the grass-roots level in the Islamic world. This is because many banks have tried to implement western banking model in the Islamic world with little or no modification. With our offering, we can make Islamic Banking as basic as the need for water and electricity.

Conventional Banks' Sr. Management and Board of Directors Concerns:

How long can the members of Sr. Management tell their boards of directors that this market is not mature enough? The competition is already making big profits, winning customer loyalty, and attracting the customers of other conventional banks.

The Best Investment Opportunity:

For conventional banks, Islamic Banking will be an investment with one of the highest possible returns.

It's Already too Late:

It is already too late for conventional banks, which are not yet in the market, to start Islamic Banking. Customers already ask how long a bank has been in Islamic Banking and want to know how experienced they are in the field.