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About Immigration Consultancy

Hisbah Consultants is one of the specialists company dealing with Immigration Consulting in Kenya located in Nairobi westlands area, Hisbah Consultant provides all kind of Visa and Immigration activities to any destination in the world, you will receive very professional advice and receive guidance at every step of the visa. We stand out from the competition by delivering superior immigration services. Our comprehensive Immigration and Settlement program is specifically designed to ensure an early, affordable and smooth transition. Our commitment to success is exemplified by our highest application success rate and sustained growth in the Immigration Industry.

We firmly believe that a correct decision can make the difference between success and failure, as Immigration may be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Relocation to another country takes courage, and the decision is ridden with fear and anxiety of the unknown. Moreover, the procedure in itself is complicated and can be expensive if not followed correctly. With Hisbah as your immigration partner, your decisions are based on valuable information that assures success. At every step of the application process, we provide professional advice and guidance for smooth and on time visa approvals. Our proven track record and success ratio of our satisfied applicants has resulted in more referral clients then through any other channel. It's time to take a Leap step now for a better & brighter tomorrow, you are advised to speak to any of our local immigration experts with your complete details.

Our Mision

Our Mission is to identify the ideal immigration destination for you and assists you with the entire process from start to finish. We keep pace with the rapidly changing laws and growing public expectation by continuously updating our knowledge with the latest trend. We help you structure your lives and career with our myriad expertise, competency and compassion coupled with countless opportunities.

Our Vision

We are determined and motivated to closely work with our clients to build confidence and bring best solutions to their immigration objectives with loyalty to high professional standards and confidentiality. We aim to expand the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to consulting and creating new opportunities for travelers, businesses and newcomers to any destination in the world.

Why Hisbah Consultants?

Since our founding, our primary goal has been to provide visa and immigration services to all Kenyans and non residence. Our impact is speak louder than our word.






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Banking Section, Islamic Banking

A dynamic consulting firm in Islamic Economics and Finance supported by young and professional people working full time. Hisbah Consultants positioned itself as a leading Islamic Banking firm. With the newly opened Hisbah Consultants in Nairobi. We continuously pursue the search for innovative products and present new concepts in Islamic Banking and Finance through publications and sessions. Hisbah Consultants believes that to further develop and promote Islamic Banking and Finance, trainings in Islamic Banking and Finance area are essential.

Analytical Tools & Methods

We, at Hisbah Consultants help pioneer Islamic Thought through our activities. We work closely with the research Teams to develop new analytical tools and methods to be applied in the development of new Islamic Banking and Finance instruments and provide the relevant research base for Islamic Economics public